Vocabulary Enhancement through Extensive Reading at Graduate Level in University of AJ&K: An Experimental Study


  • Ayesha Bibi Department of English, University of AJ&K, Muzaffarabad
  • Nadeem Haider Bukhari Department of English, University of AJ&K, Muzaffarabad


Reading, Vocabulary, Extensive Reading (ER), Target Words, Pre-Test, Post Test, Experimental (EG) and Control Groups (CG)


This study aims to examine the enhancement of vocabulary through extensive reading at graduate level in Muzaffarabad. The research was conducted with the supposition that an individual instruction in reading English material outside the classroom increased the range of vocabulary. The present study employed a non-probability convenience sampling. Sixty students of graduate level were selected from different departments and institutions affiliated with AJK University. They were examined as experimental group and control group during six-week extensive reading program through pre and post tests. Pre and post tests were utilized to measure the enhancement of vocabulary before and after the treatment. The results of both groups during pre and post tests were analyzed and compared through SPSS. The paired samples t-test was applied to show the difference in the performance of both groups in pre and post tests. The outcomes showed that experimental group indicated improvement in their vocabulary learning after the experiment while control group did not show any significant improvement in post-test. The findings suggest positive effects of ER on the students’ vocabulary knowledge.







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