Cohesion in Surat al-Fatiha (??????? ): A Linguistic study


  • Farhat Meher Lecturer, Department of English, IIU, Islamabad
  • Ayaz Afsar Professor, Department of English, IIU, Islamabad


Text, Cohesion, Ellipsis, Conjunction, References, Lexical cohesion


This article aims to examine the first mandatory feature of a text under Text Linguistic Approach namely cohesion in the opening chapter of the Qur’?n, S?rat al-F?ti?a (???????). The study takes into account cohesive devices and their function in making meaning and constructing textual relation within and across the verses. The article begins with the theoretical framework of the Text Linguistic Approach, the parameters and functions of cohesion in a text by focusing on Halliday and Ruqaiya Hasan’s (1976) model. It, then, briefly reviews the approaches to the Qur’?nic interpretations contributed by the classical and modern scholars. It goes on to analyze the S?rah by applying the parameters of cohesion under Text Linguistic Approach focusing on ellipsis, conjunction, references and lexical cohesion. It also analyzes the functional aspects of these devices in creating meaning, interdependencies, and harmony in the S?rah. The study closes with some speculations about the method as a potent approach to understand the Qur’?n.