Language Mixing: A strategy for promotion used in advertising


  • Muhammad Yousaf Department of English, National University of Modern Languages. (NUML) Islamabad
  • Wasima Shehzad Dean Social Sciences, Air University, Islamabad
  • Fizza Farukh Air University, Islamabad
  • Sahara Khan Air University, Islamabad


language mixing, bilingualism, media discourse


Language mixing is a popular phenomenon found in the multilingual scenario of Pakistan. However, scholarly work in this area with reference to advertisements is quite limited. Our paper focuses on the investigation of bilingual language use in advertising through print magazines and attempts to highlight the growing trend of extensive and creative incorporation of English and Urdu in bilingual advertising. We have attempted to find out various recurring patterns of language mixing in the Pakistani advertisements. The language patterns, thus identified, also helped in determining the dominant language in the bilingual advertisements. This study shall help in enhancing understanding of the patterns of English use in the advertisements published in the countries other than inner circle countries such as Pakistan- a society where English, though is the official language of the country, is used as the second language by some and considered as a foreign language by the majority; while Urdu remains the national language and means of day to day communication.