Sustenance of Classical Music: Study of Ethnomusicology in an Ethnolinguistic Culture


  • Sabina Shah Research Associate (Post-Doc), School of Oriental and African Studies, UOL


This paper analyses connections between music, culture and language. Grant’s (2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013) work on ethnomusicology encourages the exploration of musical genres as well as their sustenance in the cultural heritage.  This study is limited to music in Pakistan. The sustenance of genres is addressed in a way that uncovers its weaknesses and limitations through a detailed analysis. The paper attempts to discuss L1 interference on English blogs and websites dealing with music. It refers to classical music found on the internet, websites and blogs in Pakistan in which local words are incorporated in English in order to establish the diversity of the cultural heritage. In accordance with the given aims and objectives, this paper employs the mixed model of Schneider’s (2007) exonormativism, Leitner’s (2004b) notion of epi-centre and Grant’s (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) idea of sustainability of musical trends. This exercise has been undertaken in order to gauge the extent to which classical music on English blogs and websites has adopted loans and has been sustained in an ethnolinguistic community with a diverse culture. Ethnolinguistic communities are merging with diverse societies thus resulting in hybrid cultural identity. (ethnomusicology, linguistic exonormative model, classical music, loans, cultural heritage, ethnolinguistic).