A Phonological Analysis of English Loanwords in Brahui


  • Abdul Waheed Shah Lecturer, Department of English, LUAWMS Uthal, Balochistan
  • Firdos Atta Assistant Professor, Department of English, LUAWMS Uthal, Balochistan
  • Saira Bano PhD Scholar, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Nasir A. Syed Associate Professor, Department of English, LUAWMS Uthal, Balochistan


English language being lingua-franca of the world has given loanwords to most of the languages. Brahui is a language spoken in Balochistan. This study focusses on phonological changes occurring in loanwords of English in Sarawani dialect of Brahui. The basic aim of this study is to find out the reasons behind the phonological changes in English loanwords in Brahui. This study covers major phonological processes like substitution, deletion, insertion and metathesis, etc. Moreover, this study reveals that Brahui language does not accept the phonological rules of English, therefore, Brahui speakers modify English loanwords. The analysis of the data shows that the recipient language replaces those phonemes or structures of the foreign donor language which are unsuitable to its grammar. In the same way, most frequent and unmarked syllable types replace the unusual and marked ones. The data for the study was collected from the daily conversations of Brahui speakers. The study also provides a brief historical background of Brahui language, its origin and development.