An Analysis of Language Learning Motivation


  • Azizullah M.Phil Scholar, Department of English, Hazara University, Mansehra
  • Sabina Shah Research Associate, SOAS, University of London


Motivation, motivational strategies, foreign language, mother tongue, national language


Language learning motivation has always been under research and immense interest of the researchers and teachers. Language is almost meant for learning in multilingual classrooms, like Pakistani educational institutions where English is used as medium of instruction in classrooms for motivating the learners but the teachers and students switch to mother tongue mostly. Therefore, this survey study attempted to analyze the language motivation and strategies practiced by the teachers. The questionnaire was distributed among 50 university students studying at BS level (male/female), age ranging from 18 to 25. Quantitative research method was employed in this study. Findings of the survey unfolded a number of factors affecting language learning process. This study explores that a number of students appreciate English language learning environment. The study also indicates that English is adopted for academic purposes. The findings further revealed that language learning motivation is influenced by the use of indigenous and national language (i.e., Urdu).