A shift of conformist Culture from Mainstream to Margins

Investigating conversion trends from Modernism to Postmodern in American Literature


  • Rabia Bukhari Assistant professor, Department of English, SBK Women's University, Quetta
  • Mehwish Ali Khan Chairperson, Department of English, SBK Women's University, Quetta


Modernism, Postmodernism, American Literature. Conformist Culture


The current study aims to conduct a diagnostic survey of American literature to investigate the connection between political and societal incidents in Americas and the transformations they brought upon the written word. The researcher has tried to map the causative agents from the societal and political scenario that materialized the modification from modernism to postmodernism in literature. Keeping the move from conformist culture as the main paradigm shift, the study analyzes the emergence of “conspiracy theory”, pluralistic approach, consumerism, identity politics, quest for identity and theme of madness while also bringing in its fold, the inclusion of marginalized voices into the published word. The research has established that the swing from modernism to postmodernism in American literature has been shaped by the societal and political fluctuations.